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I am planning to make a childrens book in Indesign and make it available as both ebook and print. 

I consider using Indesign CC 2017 which I have used for several years. It seems to be ok to use Indesign for printed books here at, but as for ebooks it another story? I have made some tests with a simple ebook made in Indesign with some poctures and text (truetype) made in Indesign, but I get a lot of errors all the time. I have to use epub 2 And Indesign will only export in 2.01 or 3.0. And it looks like it is not possible tomise fixed layout in ebooks? Am I right?


Are there anyone here who have had luck making an ebook with Indesign and fixed layout? 

Or do I have to use Word and no fixed layouy? If somit is quite hard to make a good looking childrens ebook, as non fixed layout means lot of messed up text etc.


Thx in advance




  • Lulu epubs are based on reflowable text. However, if you mean text embedded in images, yes, that is acceptable to lulu epubs.


    I highly recommend going the easier and more straightforward route using Microsoft Word for both epub and print book. You'll be done ina  day and your book will be at retail sites in a couple of weeks.


    I know I didn't exactly answer your question, but many have tried the more complicated inDesign approach. It leads to many complications.

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  • Hi,


    I was wondering if you figured out a way to create your childrens book as an epub with fixed layouts. Did you find a work-around? If so, please do tell...I'm struggling with the same issue. Did you try the word doc option, and were you successful?


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