Publishing a fixed layout epub thru Lulu

I'm writing on behalf of a client of mine, I did a Fixed Layout Epub 3.0 for and the client uploaded the file to his LuLu account. When the client tried to download the epub he got a .txt message with a load of errors. 


So I uploaded the same book to my Lulu account, it uploaded fine and when I went to download the file that came back fine. In the attached is the .txt file my client got back when HE tried to download the epub from HIS account.


any help with this here? thx




  • OK now I see the error when I try to upload thru MY FILES


    any help here? R

  • One immediate problem would be that our EPUBs are all flowing text, and our converter will reject a Fixed Layout file.
  • Ah OK so since this is a fixed layout I cannot publish this type of file thru Lulu?

  • Is it fixed layout or is the text just embedded in the pictures? If the latter, then yes, you can use Lulu.



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  • Text is embedded in the pictures

  • Then, yes, you can use Lulu.


    Using Microsoft Word, make your title and the word Copyright Heading 1, insert images at 150 dpi, maximum 6 inches width/height, upload to lulu and they will generate a valid epub.


    If you have chapter Headings you can also make those Heading 1.


    Read the ebook user manual if you want more detailed information.

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