Failed To Upload Ebook Cover on Lulu

I failed to upload my ebook cover, this is the message after failed upload.


"The file you uploaded doesn't seem to be a supported image file type. Please check your file and try again."


I have been trying other browser, and still failed to upload my ebook cover in jpg format


Can Somebody Help ?


Thank You


  • Are you sure it's a jpeg?


    Try uploading a PNG.

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  • If EM_Press's advice isn't helping, I would say you should create a support case. A JPG should be working fine.
  • @Em_Press, I am having challenges changing the default eBook cover from Lulu to my preferred cover (from my computer). Though it uploads successfully, but it does not show in the cover at the end. Any tips? Your help will be really appreciated.
  • Never mind, I have figured it out. Smiley Happy
  • I know this is old, but what did you do to fix it?  I am having the same problem with a PNG image that no problem the other day.

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