EPUB saga continues

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After Apple said I could not have "(ed.)" in the author info (metadata), and someone else (Lulu?) insisted that I should include the foreword writer (without his role) in the author info as he was on the cover, I did as I was told and I now have the book on iBooks. So far, so good. 


It was initially on Kindle as well, and I managed to buy the Kindle version from the Japanese amazon website (I live in Japan) with the author info including "(ed.)" but not the foreword writer (i.e. as I originally submitted it). 


However, it is now apparently no longer on the Kindle store, thanks to the changes forced on me above (see first paragraph). Can someone advise me how to get it back on there? I'm hoping it is just a matter of time, but...


Title: The Diaries of Sir Ernest Mason Satow, 1883-1888: A Diplomat In Siam, Japan, Britain and Elsewhere

ID: 19714525

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  • P.S. I have now sent a message to Lulu support about this.
  • It might just be a question of time. Lulu staff will look into it.

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  • Update: I have now received an email from Support, part of which reads:



    "Dear Ian,

    Thank you for your email. I hope your Tuesday is going well.
    I apologize for the trouble you encountered with your book, " The Diaries of Sir Ernest Mason Satow, 1883-1888: A Diplomat In Siam, Japan, Britain and Elsewhere" (ISBN 978-1-365-50005-3).

    When eBooks are rejected for distribution, all versions are removed from availability.
    Your book was previously rejected due to an issue with the contributors, so it was removed from availability with our retail partners including Amazon.

    You have since then corrected the issue and we have resubmitted your book.
    The files were sent to Amazon yesterday, November 7th. You should it relisted within the next few days." 



    Well, aside from the minor fact that Japan is quite a few hours ahead of the various time zones in the US (hence it was already Wednesday when I got this) this is fine. But as a general point I find it a little frustrating that the objection of one retailer (iBooks) means the EPUB is withdrawn from *all* the retailers, and so must be resubmitted to all of them. Also that I needed to make a noise about this...


    Still, it looks as if the book will be back on Kindle soon, so that's good. 



  • Update - three days later and the ePub is still not back on amazon..,
  • Update - I have today found the Kindle version with revised metadata on amazon websites.



    So all is well that ends well. But I note that on the Apple iBook page it says about my other iBooks "More by Ian Ruxton & David Warren". That is in fact incorrect. *sigh*  

    Still, iBooks (or was it Lulu?) insisted I include the foreword writer (David Warren) in the metadata. He was not involved in my other iBooks.


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