Dissatisfied customer - printing issue

I was contacted today by. a customer (I include my email in my book) who said that there were mistakes in my book.


i was obviously surprised, as the book was thoroughly proof read.


I asked him to photograph me a page of "mistakes" and it is clear that the printers at Lulu have somehow gone wrong and some pages look like misprinted nonsense. This is a book of sheet music and text - arrangements of Robert Burns Songs


He had ordered the book via Amazon


I do not like my reputation being ruined, so what do you suggest that I do?




  • Raise a Support ticket. Lulu will find out what is going on.

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  • Hello AdrianAllen

    If the book was purchased from Amazon, it was printed by Amazon. Therefore you should instruct the buyer to report the issue to Amazon who will reprint and ship a replacement based on their company policies.

  • thanks - I had no idea that Amazon actually printed the book


    I have passed your advice on to the customer and he will let me know what happens when he contacts Amazon

  • We rarely get to hear about what our books look like unless we buy them personally or we know the buyer. Would you email Steven King to moan about how one of his books has been printed? It would be hard to even find his email address. But also it's unheard of for a retail buyer to moan at a printer or publisher about their books. As an example, in the UK, and I assume it's the same everywhere else, the 'Contract of Sale' is with whoever one bought a product from, and as Paul said, in this instance it is with Amazon (regardless of if they printed it or not.) Now if your email addy had not been in the book, you would have known nothing about it ...

  • Correct - but it is nice for small publishers to keep a personal contact with his/ her customers


    I managed to resolve this issue by buying the book myself from Lulu, checking it was ok, and then posting it on to the customer.

    He got a refund from Amazon. 

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