More problems with my EPUB

Dear All,
I was advised to start again with a new isbn by a fabulous support team member (Paul) after the previous issue with the author info which had to be changed but couldn't be. So I did, and got rid of the "(ed.)" from the metadata. Now a new issue has been identified as below. So again I have asked for help. I don't want to put the foreword writer in the metadata, but I can easily erase him from the cover. This ePub is sure having a difficult birth!
Best Regards,
Dear lulu
You have just sent me the following email message: "Dear Ian Ruxton, The Lulu Quality Assurance Team has identified the following issues with your eBook The Diaries of Sir Ernest Mason Satow, 1883-1888: A Diplomat In Siam, Japan, Britain and Elsewhere (Project CONTENT ID: 19714525) that prevent us from forwarding it to our retail partners and making it available for purchase through those channels. • Please make sure all contributors (authors, illustrators, editors, translators) listed on your marketing image are also listed in your metadata. (But please don’t put contributor roles in the metadata; only list their names.) We strive to identify all potential issues with your eBook as part of our quality assurance review, but we will retest it thoroughly once you edit and resubmit it for distribution. For best results, we recommend you review our eBook Retail Distribution Guidelines (, which list all requirements for eBook distribution to retail partners (Amazon Kindle Store, iBookstoreSM, the Barnes and Noble NOOK bookstore™, the Kobo bookstore, etc.)."

Please advise what I should do. If I take the name of the foreword writer off the image which I have supplied for the cover, will you accept this?
Yours sincerely
Ian Ruxton


  • Yes.


    If foreword writer is on the cover, he must be in the metadata.


    If he's not on the cover, and not in the metadata, your book will be accepted.

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  • Thank you. The rules for Ebooks (EPUBs) are stricter than those for printed books. That takes getting used to. And while my ePub was accepted by lulu the table of contents links do not appear to work in the iBook version which I bought today from the iBook store.
  • Ian, ebooks make their own toc based on the heading styles you assign. You could  leave your own toc for show or remove it altogether.


    You could also generate an html toc in an epub editor. May work on some devices, but not really necessary.

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  • Well, I made a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word which at least worked in one direction, from TOC to text. But that doesn't work in the iBook bought today, though in a previous EPUB of mine (done by Lulu) it looks blue like a hyperlink and works in the iBook version.
  • Oh wait, it seems to work after all.
  • By the way, I found that Kindle already accepted my EPub as originally passed by lulu, with just me listed as author and "(ed.)" after my name. Thanks, Apple, for the interference!
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