Print Quality and Distribution times in the UK

I am wondering if I am the only UK user of Lulu who has seen a marked deterioration in both the time taken to fulfil orders and the quality of the books being printed. I have had several complaints about spines on books being off centre, and today I received a batch of seven copies of the same title, five of which had the spine on the spine where it should be, and two of whioch had the spine half on the spine and half on the back cover - how is this possible, to have such a variation even in a small print run like 7 copies?

Also it takes longer and longer for books to get here, or so it seems, and given that Lulu charges over the odds for couriers and postage anyway, the least they could do is hurry it along a bit. I don't know if the delay is actually the couriers, to be honest, I think it's the time lag between placing the order and getting it printed and shipped, which leads me to wonder if a) Lulu have changed their Uk supplier of print and b) the new supplier isn't coping so well as the old supplier. 

The order that came today contained another book that wasn't mine, or so I thought, until I flicked through it - the first half is some kind of anthology of gentle philosophcal wedding poetry but bound into the back is the entire text of my book!  Very strange.  I have raised a ticket about this particular order, but I just wanted to flag up the delays and the poor quality and see if any other UK users have had similar experiences. 


  • I'm not in the UK. I'm just writing to let you know, in case you haven't written to them already, click on Support and raise a ticket. They will replace your faulty copies and look into why your spine is not aligned.

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  • I have already raised a ticket, I was just interested to see if anyone else in the UK had had similar experiences. I guess it's just me being singled out for special treatment, then!
  • I forwarded this thread to our print team to raise awareness. They did say they know about some issues with our UK printer, and they've been working with them to get these things taken care of.

    We did switch the print provided in the UK earlier this year, so some speed bumps were to be expected, but we're past the point when that is reasonable, and our print team has been in near constant contact to try to get the quality and speed issues resolved.

    Thank you for posting about your experience, these kinds of customer comments are the information we need to affect change with our printers.
  • Yes, I have had problems with the UK printer too. My difficulty was offset pages so that the margins were uneven and black lines showing on certain pages near the spine. This was on ten very short books (only 34 pages) but happily Lulu replaced them free of charge. However, that isnt the point. I now have little confidence that the UK printer can produce a good quality book.

  • It has always puzzled me that the printers do not notice these problems.

  • Yes, it concerns me that the printers never seem to examine the books they have just printed. If they did they would certainly see the faults I experienced. The paperwork that accompanies the book order has a box in the top RH corner which says "Checked for quality by:-"  and the box is always signed. Is someone not doing their job properly?

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