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HELP!  I'm scanning black/white and grayscale graphics.  I'm then inserting them into the book.  Because there is a pale background (kind of light grey, light blue, etc.) around the graphics I'm use the formatting option in Word 2013 and "removing the background".  The graphic looks great and I thought I'd found exactly what I wanted then . . . when I save it to a PDF format it puts a black background around the graphic.  Does anyone know why this is happening?  I can't figure out how to handle it.


I can lighten the graphic enough to remove the background but then it also lightens the graphic itself.  The lady I'm typing this book for doesn't like the graphics being lightened.


Thanks for your help. Donna


  • Donna,


    You can go into Word Advanced settings and enable the Print Background option.


    But-- why complicate things? Why not no border, no background, no grayscale. Just insert images as they are and select the black and white option for her book?

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  • I guess I didn't explain my problem well enough!  This lady just has some black and white graphics.  Literally she's take scissors and cut shapes into the graphic she wants.  She then pastes them on typing paper and give them to me.  When I scan them and crop them down so that just the graphics show and not a lot of extra page, there seems to be a slightly colored background.  I'm sure it's just the "white" paper she's using but when I insert the scanned, saved graphic into the style guide, you can see the background.  It looks like a square background of usually light grey.  I can just simply lighten the entire graphic to make it less noticeable but it also lightens the graphic.  When I used "remove background" it worked great; however, when I save the style guide as a PDF the background shows up again as black.  Not sure why it looks so good in the word style guide but saving it as a PDF it shows up again.

  • Ok, now I understand.


    Open the graphics in Photoshop, lighten and increase the contrast.


    Also erase or make white with brush tool around the edges to make sure there is no outline or shadow.


    I'm pretty sure this will solve your problem. Let me know.





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  • It's not the border that's a problem.  It's the background behind all these little graphic things she's putting together.  The problem is not getting rid of the background.  The "remove background" feature in Word works great.  If I had to use a brush to clear up everything it would take hours.  There is a lot of detail and they're small. 


    The problem is when I save the document as a PDF the background suddently re-appears as black. 


    I don't know why this is happening.  Does anyone know?

  • Make sure your images are RGB, 300 dpi.


    Also, download the free PDF software DoPDF and print the PDF using that. Click on properties, embed fonts, high res.


    Good luck.

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  • Thanks. My images are RGB, 300 dpi. I'll try the free software.
  • OMG! Thank you Thank you Thank you! It worked. Don't know why PDF wouldn't come out right in Word. DoPDF worked! The graphics are clear and no background. She will be thrilled this worked! Again, thanks and have a great week!
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