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I've made a few books on Lulu before but always have troubel with covers.  This time I'm attempting to upload a one piece cover which is defintely 876 x 613 as requried, but every time I do Lulu rejects it, saying:


Your cover file is 941.546 points wide by 676.518 points high, but these are not the right dimensions. Your cover should be uploaded at 876.162 x 613 points.


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


  • My suggestion would be to re-save with a different format (so, if you have a JPG, make a PDF or PNG). If that doesn't work, I would make a support case and we can look at the file more closely to see if we can figure our why it is not reading the size correctly

    You are doing a print book? Dimensions don't sound right.


    Your cover is 300 dpi?


    If it's an ebook, upload with higher dpi.


    Try saving in inches instead  of points.

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