Ineligible problems

i got some problems with my ebook, and i dont know how to fix it, or whats wrong with it.

First i had some kind of Metadata problem, but i think its fixed cos Im not getting that kind of error anymore. However i got a new one called Ineligible (Your eBook does not meet eligibility requirements for this retail partner), and i cant figure out what it is in the book that is wrong. Doing a "Revise" doesn't change status when Im done. I dont even have to wait for this because its automatic and i cant change it. How can i change it to processed?

Ineligible Apple iBookstore
Ineligible Barnes & Noble NOOK
Ineligible Amazon Kindle
Ineligible Kobo and Everything Else

Also this book exist as a printed book as well, but with different ISBN! All printed books are OKAY, its just the Ebooks where i have problem


Also excist as case with this..01474429: [ reflithium00D506zQ6._50050pVcpq:ref ]


(EDIT: It seems that my Old book, thats selling already in different places also got this error aswell which it didnt have before. Did i do something bad yesturday or whats going on


So this error is valid to both Ebooks (aperently) with BookID

ID: 17507793 - However im still selling this book online 

ID:19597187 - This book is the ebook i have the current problems with)

Can an admin check whats going on?


  • Are you uploading an eBook for conversion or are you uploading a EPUB file?


    To me, this sounds like you are missing some Metadata - publisher, publishing date, etc.

  • well im uploading an Docx file and using Lulus tool to convert it to an EPUB file. I mean everything looks right and i have downloaded it to check aswell.

    I can gladly download it and send it to you for you to view, just tell me where to send the file


  • I grabbed your support case. I'll take a look at the file and email you my findings
  • Thanks Paul, if you look twice in the support you will find a confusing case regarding my Bestseller, that also for some reason have got the same issue, but this im actully selling at the online stores that now is maked as Ineligible!


    Thats wierd, right !

    reflithium00D506zQ6._50050pVio4:ref ] Lulu Case: 01474772

  • Thank you so much! I owe you one Paul!

  • Happy to help!
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