Chapter pictures in ebook are scattered and away from chapter titles

Hello fellow authors, I hope all is well with you. I have published my ebook and after looking at it on the Apple Ibook store, I have found a problem. The title of each chapter are seperate from the chapter images. For example "Chapter 1" might be on page 1, however chapter 1 cover image is on page 3. I am a bit worried because, I have also sent it to other retailers, so I feel like the mistake will carry on to all other devices. Does anyone know what size the image should be so the title, and the picture are all displayed on one page? I want to correct it as soon as possible. Thank you guys so much. 


  • The most likely cause would be Heading Styles assigned to either the images or the space between the chapter title and the image. Each Heading style inserts a 'page' break in the EPUB.


    I would suggest opening a support case and letting someone on our support team look at the project to provide more specific instructions.

  • Ebooks are based on reflowable text, therefore, depending on the size of the screen or view, the content will move.


    The way to ensure that the text always stays with the correct image is to embed the text into the image.


    Potetip had also suggested achoring the image to the paragraph, but it would not take care of the spacing issue, in my opinion. There sometimes is just not enough space on that view to accommodate  both text and image, especially if the image is large.

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