Book cover preview color is different than what the print is.



I ordered a proof copy of my print book. It prints fine.


I used CMYK at 300dpi. I am confused as to why the shown book preview distorts the color. The right preview color should like the RGB one here.


I hope the distorted color preview is not what gets sent to amazon. I know doing the cover in 300dpi RGB mode will screw up the print. When I upload the CMYK, the lulu cover preview is wrong, yet, the pdf generated has the right color.


Is there something that can be done for the lulu preview to show right color?




  • We should be able to perform a color fix-up on the Preview image. I would make an email support case with your project's details so we can get your preview looked at.

    To make a support case, following this link:
  • A similar issue for me to that of Nic128.


    Uploaded one piece cover, CMYK.

    Downloaded a copy from Lulu as suggested to check.

    Colour of pdf appeared duller, discoloured.

    Loaded into Photoshop to check alongside of my original, dialogue box appears with parameters of file—however colour profile of file from Lulu is RGB. Loaded the RGB and of course it looked off.

    Reloaded Lulu image but changed profile in dialogue box to CMYK and it looks fine - identical to my original prior to download.

    I'm reluctant to OK the image on Lulu as I'm unsure of the colour outcome.


    Lulu appears to have converted my file to RGB?


    Need advice.


    Barrie Collins, Australia

    Lulu reg member


  • Additional information re my colour query above:


    CMYK cover file uploaded was a JPG.

    I may try uploading the cover file as a PDF, Photoshop CS5 offers Photoshop PDF, I expect this will be OK.




  • Re above, Well that didn't work, colour is right off with Photoshop PDF.

    Back to the JPG

  • This is beyond my skills to diagnose. I would open a support case so we can have someone more versed in photoshop review the file.
  • Thanks Paul, I've already done that, opened a support case.

    Meanwhile I'll try uploading the JPG again.

    If that fails I'll accept the Lulu interpretation of my cover and if approved have a proof copy printed, which hopefully will reveal any colour inconsistencies.


    Thanks, Barrie

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