Could someone interpret these errors?

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I have an epub that was exported from Adobe Indesign. It looks fine when I view it in iBooks on my computer, but when I tried to upload it here, I got an error that I'm having trouble interpreting. eBooks are very new to me. Could someone help me by explaining these errors and pointing me in the right direction so I can fix them?






  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    It remains the case that the easiest way to get your book to pass all distribution requirements is to submit a Word document and have Lulu do the formatting for you.


    Unfortunately I don't know what these specific error messages mean; I hope that someone with experience of submitting epubs rather than Word documents will be able to give you an answer.

  • I had problems too when trying to upload epubs. As Danielblue said use a MS Word doc or any of the other accepted formats and let the convertor do the work.

  • The error log looks to be pointing to the file names of the image files you have. They cannot have spaces in the title, which would mean you'll need to rename the image files with titles that do not have spaces. 


    The errors you have in the screen grab can (I believe) be searched online to find specific advice about how to correct them. The major issue is that the file is not validating EPUB 3.0.1 validation, due to the unmanifested files and the metadata problems. 

  • You don't have to rename and reinsert images in InDesign. You can right-click on the image in any open source epub editor and simply rename them there. No apostrophes, no space.

  • danielblue: I figured that would be the case, as Word does seem to be more widely used. I would just prefer to stick with the program that I'm most familiar with, and in this case, transferring all my particular formatting into Word would take longer than I have. Smiley Happy But thank you for the advice. I do need to get more familiar with Word (although the version I own is considered ancient by most people. I've got Word 2008, I believe.)

  • TheJesusNinja: I'll keep that in mind for next time. Smiley Happy Thanks!

  • Paul_Lulu: Okay, that makes sense and shouldn't be too hard to fix. How would I go about identifying and fixing a metadata problem? I'm going to have to research that one. Google, here I come!

    Thank you very much. This gives me a much better idea of what I need to look into and fix.



    Also, sorry for the multiple posts, everyone. I thought I was replying to each post individually, not creating a string of new replies. Oops!

  • JasmIllustrator: I'm so glad you told me that, because I was all set to go though and do exactly that with all the pictures! Is there any particular epub editor that you would recommend. I only know of Azardi and Calibre at the moment, but I assume either one would work for this.

  • Okay, I'm getting stuck again. Help! I'll give you cookies and everything...


    So, I took my re-formatted epub from InDesign and tweaked it in Calibre. Now I think I've fixed all the name-related errors and pitcure-related errors, but there are still some errors left that I don't understand. What sort of problems are being identified here? I just can't figure out what these mean. Any help greatly appreciated!


    WARNING: Validating the EPUB against version 2.0 but detected version 3.0. in OEBPS/content.opf
    ERROR: value of attribute "version" is invalid; must be equal to "2.0" in OEBPS/content.opf on line 2
    ERROR: attribute "property" not allowed here; expected attribute "content", "id", "name", "scheme" or "xml:lang" in OEBPS/content.opf on line 9
    ERROR: element "meta" missing required attributes "content" and "name" in OEBPS/content.opf on line 9
    ERROR: text not allowed here; expected the element end-tag in OEBPS/content.opf on line 9
    ERROR: element "metadata" incomplete; missing required element "dc:title" in OEBPS/content.opf on line 11
    ERROR: attribute "properties" not allowed here; expected attribute "fallback", "fallback-style", "required-modules" or "required-namespace" in OEBPS/content.opf on line 32
    ERROR: The nav file is not supported for epub versions other than 3.0. in OEBPS/toc.xhtml
    ERROR: Unable to process encrypted EPUB


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