I am unable to put a dash - in my title

Hello Lulu forum, I hope all is well. I am trying to publish my ebook. The name of the ebook is "The In-Between". However whenever I enter this title it says that I am not meeting the capital requirements. I am unsure what the problem is, I have already contacted Lulu. Do you guys know what I can do? I'd very much prefer to leave the - in my title. I have seen other authors on Amazon have a dash in their titles. Thank You. 


  • Unfortunately you cannot use quotation marks in a title. The rules for the naming of a title of a book are very strict and are probably determined by common sense, standard practice and the requirements of the distribution partners. Remember, book distributors need to be able to find your book. If everyone styled their title the way they wanted to, many of these titles would not meet the requirements for book distribution. Lulu, therefore, does not allow them in the first place, thus ensuring that most books will meet the requirements for distribution.


    You will also need to remove the quotation marks from the title of your book in your source document because this must match what you enter onto Lulu.

  • Hey Brambles, I appreciate you taking the time and replying back. However, I think you might of misinterpreted my question. I put a dash in the title, not quotation marks. The title is "The In-Between". I was wondering if I was able to leave the dash in title, or if i have to remove it. I know Lulu.com wants you to use a - when writing a sub title after the title, however I'd much prefer to leave the dash in my title. Thank you again.

  • Sorry, wrong answer but same principles.


    You can have the following:



    In Between


    but not In-Between (i.e. you cannot have a capital after the dash).


    You can put In-Between on the cover of your book, if you like but the name of

    your book in the source file and the name of the book you enter on Lulu

    must match and must be one of the two accepted formats.

  • Thank you very much for the help Brambles, have a great day.
  • This is why I don't do ebooks.

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