Creating an ebook from Indesign CS6

Hello all,


I have a finished book created entirely in Indesign CS6 that is formatted and ready to be sold as a 6x9 paperback here on Lulu. I also want it to be an ebook, and I know Indesign supports epub but have never used this feature. I'm also not sure how to even begin formatting an ebook. The book is a memoir and contains a lot of black and white photographs that are placed throughout the book. Can an ebook still have those pictures without those pictures being moved from their places in the text? Every picture is specifically placed so that it's near text that relates to it. Ebooks seem to work with a fluid layout and I'm not sure how that translates to handling pictures. I don't want to lose the placement of the pictures. 


All Lulu's information on this uses Word as an example, which is helpful. I have Word, but am very unfamiliar with its inner workings and would prefer not to have to transfer the entire book from Indesign into another program. Besides, I've been using Indesign for books for more than ten years and it's just the program that I prefer and am most comfortable with. 


Could someone who uses Indesign give me some clues here? Or, best case scenario, help me find something that's as close to a step-by-step answer as possible? I'm dying to learn how all this ebook stuff works. Smiley Happy


Attached are some examples of what the pages with pictures look like.




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