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Mine is a collection of poetry that I am attempting to publish.  Hence I do not have a 'table of content' available.  I discovered that upon attempting to upload my content that it is required.  How can I publish my manuscript then, on this site if I don't have a table of content?  I intentionally left that out so that the reader can just scroll down through the content.


see below a picture of my problem....


Suggestions welcome.






  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Simply assign a Heading Style 1 to the name of your book and your copyright

    notice and you are good to go.


    My Poems (assign Heading Style 1)


    Copyright 2016 Poet Dozzentnoit ( assign Heading Style 1)


    Poem 1 (assign Heading Stle 1; if you wish)



  • Daniel, I think Heading Style 1 is reservered for the book title ONLY. Style two is for chapters, etc., and he can assign them to the Copyright/Dedication pages, as he normally would use that for a chapter.

  • Actually heading one can used for all chapter titles. I do all the time and the convertor passes it. As Daniel was saying just make the title and word copyright heading one. That should be enough to get it to pass. If all else fails make some quick poem titles and make them heading one it will pass.

  • I guess it depends on what you have Heading 1 set to - I have it formatted for sole use of my book title, inside the book, (the converter dinged me on that when I published my first book), and Heading 2 is Chapter breaks. Regardless, I agree that setting your copyright page as to Chapter format should trick the converter into thinking it's a TOC.


    OP, have you thought about how people will navigate your book? I understand you want it free flow, but another option would be to set each poem title as a Chapter for easier navigation. (I don't know how long your book is; I'm just thinking that a hundred page book filled with poems would be difficult for a reader to navigate and find their favourites.)

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    When I am reading an ebook I hardly ever use the TOC. Most people posting

    here have problems getting their books accepted for distribution. The solution

    I am providing will get then through this and this is what they want.


    When I read poetry ebooks ( and I must be one of the few people that actually buys

    poetry; I love it) I simply move from poem to poem. If you want to give your poem a

    name then use the H1 Style for that. Alternatively label each poem by number, one

    two, three etc and then give the number a Heading Style One allocation and set the text color

    to white so that you do not see the numbers but each poem appaers on its own page.


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