Publishing sheet music with pdf is easy, the fonts embed. But most of the convertors substitue the music font with another, resulting in a sheet of gyberish, with occaisional staff lines, occaisional notes, occaisional music signs. I can print epub files direct with Finale Music Software. Which also prints to. pdf, making submitting hard copy books easy. And .xml



1. Is there a way to transform pdf to epub where sheet music is concerned?

2. If not, do I then print epub files with Finale and assemble the epub book from them?


I've Included Finale (.musx) file and it's generated pdf, epub, xml files


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Sorry, I have to ask this; Albert Brumley died in 1977, do

    you have the rights to be publishing his music. Forgive

    me if you do but it is shockimg how many people think

    they have the right to publish work which is copyrighted.

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