Picture/Images appear too wide in finished epub book

My books are nearly 100% images (comic book compilations) and after uploading the files to Lulu the finished epub book displays the images as stretched horizontally, or too wide - is there something I am not doing correctly in the formatting process?


The Black Terror, Nemesis of Crime: All 17 Chapters of the Original Black Terror from the Classic ‘Exciting Comics’ from the Golden Age


  • EPUBs using all images can be tricky, because the way they display will be affected by the device you are viewing the EPUB on. Our EPUBs use flowable text, and are not fixed layout, so the images may be stretched to fit the screen of the specific device you're viewing on.


    The best advice I have is to aim for images at 500 x 500 pixels, with resolution between 72-150 dpi. These will provide the best viewing on a variety of eReaders.

  • If I may add to Paul's response - which is spot-on, BTW.


    Have a look at the eReader settings. There are multiple options for page layout. What happens to the images if you change to a page layout with wider margins?  Do they continue to appear stretched?

  • Hmmm... tried this but my pictures still are too small.

    I guess I am going to have to learn some new skills somehow.

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