Some questions about lulu printing please?

Hi, i want to create a journal planner spiral bound that i can write in


My questions are:


1. What paper thickness can i choose from what is best fro writing on do i need to choose photo book option instead of book?

2. How soon will it be available on amazon UK after its uploaded and approved? Ive heard people have had problems in the past getting it on Amazon for sale.

3. How does the page count work? My book will be 100 leaves but 200 sides printed - what do i select in the options?

4. Can i purchase bulk copies and send them to amazon physically to sell so its fulfilled by amazon?


I hope you can help Many thanks Andrea


  • Hi Andrea,


    1. I would lean toward a Premium Paperback. I find the white paper generally holds ink better (the writing is more visible) than the cream paper. 


    2. Once you approve your proof copy, it can take up to 8 weeks for Amazon (and other retailers) to list the book.


    3. The page count will be individual pages (back and front). So you would be looking at 200 pages.


    4. Our service provides print on demand options for Amazon sales (so, when Amazon makes a sale, they print and fulfill the order, then send us a revenue report for you). You can always order your own bulk shipment and sell it as you see fit.


  • Thank you for answering my questions Smiley Happy
    The premium paperback is that still possible with coil binding as an option?
  • I am afraid that your project is a bit of a non-starter. Spiral bound books can only be sold on Lulu and can not be distributed to Amazon (only the book sizes which have a green tick next to them can be distributed) and it would cost $ 10 to manufacture a 200 page book.

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