Problems with tables (Word generated)

I'm having a problem with some of the tables in my book. I've just been through and checked that the cell widths are the same in all the tables, as well as the overall width of the table. Fine in Word, but in epub they all come out different widths, which completely spoils the "look" of the book. What can I do to make them stay the same? The contents of the tables are only text - no formulae or anything complex. I don't want to have to recreate as simple text if I can possibly avoid it, as they are meant to be read in tabular form. Help, please Smiley Happy


  • Tables and EPUBs often have trouble. It can also be dependent on the software you use to view the EPUB, but based on the description, I'm thinking something about the tables are resizing when converted to EPUB.


    My best suggestion would be to make the table an image and insert the image in place of the table. This has worked for other authors using tables in an EPUB. 

  • It may be possible that someone knows the answer to my problem with using images. When I view the epub on Firefox it looks fine but on a tablet or phone the image displays much smaller than I anticipated and there seems to be no way to expand the image on the device.


    I insert the image into a Word Document and then have the conversion done. Any advise would be gratefully received.

  • Thanks - I might use images in future, but these tables needed to be sorted to work as they are. I think I've fixed it now - they are appearing more narrow than I'd ideally like in the epub, but they are readable, which is the main thing.

  • Try again. it wil be fix. 

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