Why does it change my Arial to a serif font??

Open Office document with Arial fonts only.


Heading 1= Title

Heading 2= Chapters

Heading 3= Subheads


I've finally gotten my document to get accepted without errors and for it to see my headings. Whew! Two days well spent!


Now it sets everything in a serif font like Times. I'm opening the test file in iBooks on a Mac. It's the file that you download at the end of the Content Creation Wizard where it says, "Download and Review Your Interior".


What is going on?


The file is attached so you can check it out. 


  • So upon further testing, it turns out that when I open the Epub file in Calibre instead of the default app iBooks, it actually displays using Arial.

    Next stop: Kindle on my Android phone. Will post results.

  • I think various devices may show or use different fonts. I know if you don't embed fonts the converter will use different ones too.

  • ok so I tried embedding the fonts but I get a unmanifested files message.


    • Contains unmanifested files.



    That's it! No other errors so at least I'm getting closer. Here's teh text file on the errors:


    ERROR: Referenced file OEBPS/../fonts.css does not exist in EPUB in OEBPS/content.opf
    ERROR: Referenced file OEBPS/../fonts/Arial-Bold.ttf does not exist in EPUB in OEBPS/content.opf
    ERROR: Referenced file OEBPS/../fonts/Arial-Italic.ttf does not exist in EPUB in OEBPS/content.opf
    ERROR: Referenced file OEBPS/../fonts/Arial.ttf does not exist in EPUB in OEBPS/content.opf
    ERROR: Unmanifested file: fonts.css
    ERROR: Unmanifested file: fonts/Arial-Bold.ttf
    ERROR: Unmanifested file: fonts/Arial-Italic.ttf
    ERROR: Unmanifested file: fonts/Arial.ttf


    The fonts ARE embedded. I used Calibre to embed them and I even checked the epub file using a zip application. They exist in the fonts folder and the "fonts.css" is there as well. What gives??


  • TheJesusNinja is right, different devices and software are going to display EPUB text with different fonts. For an EPUB, the font you use is generally not of great importance, as each reader will be able to select from the available fonts for that device. You won't want to embed the fonts, as they need to be able to be changed to be accepted by various eReader devices.

  • Hmm, well that's a shame. My book looks so much better in a sans font. It's not a fiction or regular reading book, it's more of a manual for losing weight. A serif font doesn't really fit. Oh well. 


    Now how about the font sizes? I set my H1 and H2 to 4em and ibooks ignores that and makes them the same size as body fonts.

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