Questions regarding saddle-stitch print books

Hi, I just got my first test copy that I did for saddle-stitch print books and I have a question regarding it. It's supposed to be an art book with all-over print pages. I made a bunch of different versions of the prints to see how they would crop or fit, one was with no bleed, one was with an extra .25" bleed all around for cropping, and one was with a white line on the inner-edges of the files just to see if it would crop them or not to help things line up in landscape spreads. The best one seemed to be the one with no crop or .25" border, it turned out fine and just almost managed to line up which I know how to fix..


My question is regarding the book, on top of each page on the inside there is a white line going from left to right and I'm worried I might have done something wrong. I set all the inner pages to the size I was told, 20.99cm x 29.70cm. The line is about 3-4mm wide and is on all the inner pages, except on the second page where it's only about 1.5mm wide for some reason. I used the front and back cover page on the inside as well (one with trim, one without) and on the outside of the book the image fills the entire thing, no white line on the top, however on the inside it does have the top white line. Is this normal or have I done something wrong?


I've attached some photos to show what I mean. If this isn't normal, should I make the canvas a little taller maybe? I'm a little broke right now so I can really afford to be buying multiple copies all the time. I regret not thinking to make a taller canvas and testing that out in this one. All the trim images were the same size, and all the no trim images were the same size.


Cover.jpeg is with .25" trim for bleeding. Inside.jpeg is without any trim/bleed. Third pic is without any trim/bleed, and the last pic is with a .25" trim for bleeding, the same file used for the cover. Thanks so much for any help!

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