Trying to change book from Private to Public for selling

Sorry if this has been asked many times before!


I've been working on a book and had it set to Private so only I could see it and order it as I worked on it. Now it is perfect (in my eyes!) and I went to offer it to an eager public.


The first thing it told me to do was create a new revision. Done! I reinput the book size, paper, etc, and the next screen asked me if I wanted it distributed by Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Yes!


Then my issue.


The next screen tells me I need an ISBN number. Trouble is, I already have one which Lulu issued when I made my first draft. It is proudly displayed on my back cover and inside page.


The trouble is, I can't move on from this page to the next, and there is no option which says 'I was already issued one by Lulu'. I am scared of selecting the 'I'll provide my own' in case that duplicates an ISBN number.


What do I do? I'm now stuck in limbo between my old and a partially revised version...


  • There is no need to create yet another version to change the availability status.

    So, delete the draft.

    Now click on the project title and scroll down to Availability. Here you can change and save the status.


    That's all there is to it.

  • I published a book for "lulu only" and now I want to add the rest of the retail distributors (Amazon...).

    When I click on the project title, there is no section labeled "availability."


    when I tried to create a revision, the amazon button was whited out and not available.


    there is a section "...Who can view this on Lulu." and that's set to "general access."

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