My eBook is finally available on Amazon (still waiting to see it on Barnes & Noble and Kobo). However, even though I know there have been some sales through Amazon, it hasn't shown up in my revenues like the ones purchased through Lulu and iBook. What is the lag time--from sales to Lulu--via Amazon and other distributors? I'm not complaining. I would just like to know. Thanks for your help.




  • If I am not wrong the sales report provided in early October will be for

    September which will reflect sales made in August. There might even

    be a longer lag than this if it is your first sale.


    All I can advise is to be patient; once you start to make regular sales

    it doesn't make much difference just so long as you get a regular report.


    If you don't worry about sales, and just keep writing, you end up a much

    happier bunny than if you constantly watch the sales reports. Lulu shows

    up within hours and iBooks within a day or two.Nook posts sales every

    two weeks but the one that really matters is Kindle so you just have to wait.


    Having said all that, there is nothing I love more than seeing the Kindle graph

    head north...such sweet elation and such despair when it heads south.

  • Thank you, DanielBlue,
    Great information and sound advice. Of course, the most important thing is to keep writing. So, I shall.
    -Smiley Happy
  • I had some sales that didn't show up one month but were added to the sales on the next giving me a nice suprise. So according to Lulu Amazon may not report all sales at once depending on certain things. What things I still haven't figured out yet as even Amazon couldn't tell me. As Danielblue said keep writing...The more books the better.

  • Thank you, TheJesusNinja
    I shall keep on keepin' on, looking forward to the surprises. Already on the second book of the trilogy, plus two other books waiting in the wings. So, I have plenty to do while I [ah-hem] patiently wait. It's all good.

    Songs of the EbbonythTree: The Freedom Chronicles
  • The answers Danielblue and TheJesusNinja provide are spot on. In general, we get a report monthly from Amazon, but they are allowed up to 8 weeks to supply that reporting. And based on the date of sale vs. the reporting date, it can push a sale even further back from appearing on your revenue page. But for the most part, you can expect the off-set that DanielBlue mentioned. 

  • Hello Ari


    Ebook sales made through are displayed on your My Projects > My Revenue page once the payment is approved. Sales from the Apple iBookstore are reported overnight while B&N sales are reported bi-weekly. Sales from the Ingram Distribution network (Amazon Kindle and Kobo) are reported monthly, but depending on the time within the reporting cycle your book sold, the sales numbers may be reported up to 8 weeks following the purchase.


  • Thank you, Glenn, thank you, Paul,

    I understand now. It's all in the learning curve experience. Y'all have been a mighty big help. -Smiley Happy


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