Well, it's launched! So far, so good. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful support and encouragement. ❤️

I have two questions/concerns, however. 

Under my connect name, it displays Proofreader. How does that get changed to Author? 

I need the link to connect friends and family to my book on Lulu. When I received the "congrats, you're book is published" notice, there was link for that purpose. Apparently, I did not copy that down correctly. I can't use the 'button links' as I do not have a web site, yet. Can someone help, please?




Songs of the EbbonythTree: The Freedom Chronicles 

Published 13 Sept 2016

© H Ari Selah


  • Click on Shop, top left, and search for yoru book title. Click on your book. The link in the browser is your link.

    As for your name Proofreader, it depends on how many questions you've answered int he forums and a bunch of other things.


    It's not likely that buyers will see it -- unless they use the forums here. Personally I think all newcomers should be Author. It will give them a morale boost.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Thank you, Em,
    I will move forward from here.
    About being designated an author, I agree. After all, an author, is an author, is an author--whether published with Lulu, or not. But, I understand.
    Again, Thanks.
  • Hello AirSongBird


    The status displayed in the community has nothing to do with your actual profession - rather it is based on longevity and participation in the forums. It's more a badge than a designation. If you are now a Proofreader, you have already passed through the Author level.


    This article lists the various levels and the requirements to reach them: Community Rankings for the Lulu Forums


    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you, Glen.

    Now, I understand.
    Yes, it helps.

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