I'm ready to push the button. I've edited the manuscript so many times, I think it's a different story. The cover masterpiece is done, such as it is. I've gone through all the steps, and selected distributors and pricing. But, after reading the agreement at the end, I have two questions before I let this thing launch.

1. I downloaded the final version onto my iPad in two places. One in iBook, and one in Adobe Digital Editions. The ADE copy looks great. The iBook copy has a chunk missing out of one of the chapters. I downloaded that twice, with the same results. I'm hoping it's an iBook or iPad glitch and not the manuscript in my projects. What do you think?
2. When I do this launch, what should I expect things to look like, as far as the process is concerned--especially, time frames for selling? I hate surprises (unless, of course, it's a party).

Thank you, in advance, for any insight you can send my way.




  • I would go back to the orginal manuscript and check that section. Make sure there is nothing different in the formatting.


    Also, I would use other device previewers online to check that the text is intact everywhere. In this way you will know if it is a glitch in your device.

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  • EM's advice is sound. I would start with her suggestions. I've found most often iBooks and ADE will display about the same, so you'll want to scrutinize to make sure there isn't something in that section's formatting that's throughing everything off. I would guess, because it is working on ADE correctly, that the issue is with iBooks, but I can't say 100%.


    When you finish the project and publish, it will be on Lulu within minutes. If you elected to distribute to retailers, you're looking at up to 8 weeks for the retailers to review the book before they post it. Most often this is done much more quickly than 8 weeks.

  • Thank you, EM. Thank you, Paul.
    I looked at the original manuscript and I can't find anything out of sorts. I also downloaded it onto my iPhone in the iBook app and it was fine. I think the glitch is actually in my iPad itself, as the poor old thing is experiencing other problems, as well. I shall move forward. Again, thanks so much.
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