Ebook Tempted and the Tamed

I seem  to have made a blunder on this Project.  I am trying now to make the table of contents properly since I am unable to pay for services up front.  Also, please inform me why the country under my name is America and not Jamaica where I reside.  Is it because the Publisher Lulu is American?  There is a print book version that does not have any numbered pages because the project was inteded for ebook creation.  How can I preview the Ebook once it is formatted?  I did try to do this, but the instructions stated that this was not allowed. 


On another Matter.  The print book RACHEL'S CUP, A ST LOUIS AFFAIR is still not distributed yet because I do not have a credit card and I find it difficult to submit the payment.  Kindly suggest other ways that you accept payment for my copy until this issue is sorted out.  I also realise that I did not prepare a copyright page for this project because of my ignorance, so please let me know how it can be rectified. 


Thank you.



Norma J


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