Make Print- Ready File conversion crashing


I cannot get the “Make Print- Ready File” to work or I should say complete the conversion. The PDF file of 260 page 8 1/2 X 11 B&W book made with novaPDF with fonts correctly embedded. The 800mb+ file was uploaded to My Files. After selecting “Make Print- Ready File” it (most of the time) starts the conversion showing the little gears rotating. BUT after a few hours I get strange error message.

“We had trouble locating your file "Master_Word10.pdf"

Please visit Lulu Support for more assistance.”

Note: I have done this several times


What I have done:

From Add files – “My files on Lulu” – selected file - Then says ‘copying files” – then selected “Make Print- Ready File”

After selecting “Make Print- Ready File” – (note sometimes it runs for a few hours doing conversion) then this message: “We had trouble locating your file "Master_Word10.pdf"

Please visit Lulu Support for more assistance.”


Deleted file and reloaded from My Files & New message after selecting “Make Print- Ready File” :

“Please visit Lulu Support for more assistance. “

Sometimes after 10 minutes or so it starts converting file “Please be patient, Lulu is making your print-ready file” - always crashes later.

I have done this several times


Before I tried PDF file I tried to uploading Microsoft Word10 files and covert and this happen: Two messages – images found under 300ppi and some small size font warning. Also the format of the pages comes out all screwed up. Lulu conversion has an error: it enlarges all images in Word10 by approx. 1 pixel per each 400ppi in image. Example: Image before conversion size 942 X 942 at 300ppi is enlarged to 944 X 944 at 299 or 298ppi after conversion; Pages with large image or many images that are enlarged forces text off page (page break) or on to the next page – changing the format.


I have over 2 years of work and thousands of hours invested in this book…. Please help


  • It might be the size of your file that is the problem. Refer to this article:



    If not, try uploading the PDF again as the upload and convert process does play up from

    time to time. I wouldn't get the Lulu converter to convert to PDF if you have pictures in the book.

  • Still major problem – NOT Working


    I divided the 260 page book into 5 pieces each with 52 pages. I converted each to PDF file using novaPDF. As a test for each PDF file - I up-loaded each of the files one at a time and selected “Make Print- Ready File”. Each of the 5 files converted into a 52 page books with no problems. So I then up-loaded all 5 PDF files and the selected “Make Print- Ready File” and it almost made it to the end BUT crashed AGAIN. Message on page: “Please visit Lulu Support for more assistance. “


    Brambles  - I already read and followed instructions on the page - Thanks

  • UPDATE - 9-6-16


    Microsoft Word 10 glitch – Small font size can be in the document but not text or blank text space or a inserted line of small font size. Font size can be attached (I do not know how) to a format function like Enter or text justify or even to another large inserted text line. You cannot find it using cursor or by tabbing through the document checking font size; the small attached font size does not show up. The Lulu program can find it and thinks it is small text - and gives error message.


    These attached small fonts can be found and removed using “Replace” function in Word 10. You can use the “Replace” function to find the attached font size and delete it manually by closing the box and then delete while it is selected but this also will delete the format it is attached to (must reinsert format after). Best way is to replace the attached small font with font size 6. This will not affect the document – unless you replace a real small font text or inserted small text line.


    Setting “Replace” function for fonts:

    Click on “Replace”; in Find and Replace box place curser in “Find what:” (or “Replace with:”) click on “More” - then “Format” in the bottom left-hand corner and select “Font”. In the new box that opened type in font size you want to find or replace with (see photo).

    NOTE Suggest you do not use “Replace All” – use “Replace” to change one at a time. If you missed removing a text line or inserted text it would mess-up the formatting of your large document.


    Added note: WARNING – When replacing hidden small font (font size but no text in document)- sometimes it will also remove formatting from the document; justify text Right – Left – Center – Full and/or inserted line. Check your document carefully before you release it for printing


    I am reformatting my new book “GAS MASKS Collector’s Guide for Identifying Common America Gas Masks” because this book is large and has/had too many small fonts causing the Lulu convert program to not make book ready file.

  • Removed all undersize fonts (except 2) and Lulu convert still crashed. Got to end of conversion and got error message “Please visit Support for more assistance”. The converter loaded the book ready PDF file into MY Files; It look to be complete and nothing missing. I did retest each of the uploaded 5  PDFfiles separately and converted each PDF file successfully to book ready file – no problems. But Lulu conversion makes book file - stores it into My Files but does not allow continue.


    Small Font Size was NOT the problem .....


    HELP -



  • I think, if you were able to upload and convert smaller files but not the complete file, there must be something about the file size that is causing problems in our system.


    Have you created a support case? I would suggest doing so and having some on our staff look into the problem more closely.



  • Yes - contacted support - email said 3 or 4 days before they will get back to me. Total of all file sizes is just over 800MB. When I first tried FTP full file (830MB) conversion worked until end then error message said cannot load file - I did not check My Files to see if it made a PDF. At that time I had a large amount of fonts under 6pt. I used small font size for line inserts to make page look better (no small text font). Some board help pages said too many small fonts detected by Lulu would crash system. I reformated all the pages and came up with a way to remove hidden font sizes in document. Also others said that Lulu conversion worked better with small files segments than one big file.I used five files 52 pages each 128MB to 178MB. Conversion ran until very end - made Lulu book PDF file and placed into My Files. Photo of error message


    I down loaded the Lulu made book PDF file from My Files and it looks great (printing copy as I am writting this). This Lulu PDF file is just over 800MB which is well below the 1TB limit.


    9-12-16 Update: Sadly in the print out I found 2 errors in the book including one where the page number location moved on one page after deleting a hidden undersize font. I will need to upload new corrected files and rerun the conversion. I am holding off doing this until support reviews the problem and the Lulu made conversion file.



  • Problem solved – or I should say it worked.

    I did a lot of experimenting – testing and crashing to get it to work.


    Lulu converter has problems with total large file sizes (plus other problems). Lulu website says file size should be under 1TB and support email said “…documents start having trouble uploading around 600-700MB in size” but the real solution is having total file size less than 500MB. My book “GAS MASKS Collector’s Guide for Identifying Common American Gas Masks” is 260 pages with 659 photographs which brings the total PDF files size to 825MB. I compressed the PDF file size using ‘lossless’ compression when making the PDF file which reduced it to under 500MB (I used novaPDF program which is the upgrade to doPDF). NOTE: Do not use ‘compress file’ option because it will reduce photo quality.


    Support also said that the PDF program must be version 1.3 PDF. Versions 1.5 and 1.7 have problems with the converter. I am not in 100% agreement with this. Smaller files worked fine with v. 1.5 PDF. If you are going to buy a PDF program make sure that you can switch it to version 1.3 and it also has full font and sub-fonts to embed.


    “other problems” and solutions (these will sound a little strange but true)


    If you are going to FTP a large PDF file to Lulu: Do not use a copied or moved PDF file on your computer – If you do it will crash the Lulu converter.


    When you do successfully FTP upload a large PDF file to Lulu – Before you select the file from ‘My Files” to attach it to a project for conversion - wait for a few minutes after it uploads. If you do not wait - it will crash the Lulu converter.


    After you select the large PDF file from ‘My Files’ and it shows up as ready to be converted – wait for a few minutes before you press the Make book file. If you do not – it will crash the Lulu converter.


    “crash” means that you will get an convert error message and it will not complete making you book file.

  • Was your problem finally resolved? I have a very similar problem and am working with a staff member with a case number. We seem to be going in circles. I am using InDesign and the LuLu job options for full bleed. Following all directions. i have done this for thirty years with other printers without problems with my PDFs using the printer's job options. I will follow your advice regarding FTP and waiting to load and proceed. Unfortunately, I expect another crash. My book is 244 pages with 400 images, full color, and going to print - not an ebook. All fonts are embedded. I even ran the flattner on Acrobat. What else can I do?


  • Carap4 - Sorry I did not see your post

    Making PDF files

    Do not use the built in PDF file maker in Microsoft word – it will not convert into book file. There are other programs that will work – I used novaPDF and it worked. NOTE: PDF file version 1.3 works better than later versions when making/converting into book file. To reduce the PDF file size do not use ‘compress’ option because it can reduce image/photo quality. It is better to use “lossless” compression which will not reduce quality. Lulu has problems converting large files - 'lossless" compression workf best. Also strange things: After uploading the PDF file to Lulu WAIT - 5 or 10 minutes before moving the file to your project; then WAITanother 5 or 10 minutes before stating the converting process. I know it sounds crazy but this was the only way I could get it to work. (many days of trying different things)

  • My file is only 2.9mb , uploads but wont convert to print ready. Just a message saying contact support. Everything is as it should be as this a revise of a current book. Im on a time pressured deadline here too!



  • The conversion issue may be due to server problems we've been working on since yesterday afternoon. If you continue trying the conversion, eventually your job should be sent to a working server and convert.

  • I've been trying for nearly 3 hours!
  • Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Teacher

    Mention of server issues tends to indicate that there are server issues. Each time you retry your upload there is the chance your job will be routed to a server not experiencing issues or to one experiencing issues due to queue order, as in your job gets the next available server when it starts to process.


    Unfortunately most IT departments don't come equipped with a magic wand to make equipment issues disappear.

    Kieranboo wrote:
    I've been trying for nearly 3 hours!


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