Are used books really used?

I know this is an oldie but a goodie but...


I see all these used books for sale at Amazon, is it safe to assume that they are all books that have been purchased and are being resold or is this a misrepresentation in some way?


My book page at Amazon


Best, Steve


  • I buy used books from Amazon all of the time. Much cheaper and good shape. Why pay full price? If you're talking about your own then if your sales report doesn't reflect it then no they are not used. Lot of people are selling my books as used for $75 and it's not that valuable lol. More of a scam.

  • TJN is right, a lot of Amazon listing for Print on Demand books are third party sellers, who won't actually have a copy of the book, but will list it with an exagerated price, and if they ever sell a copy, they would have to purchase it from us or another retailer that actually does print the book.



  • Thanks for the reply. Got it.
  • I have just bought Christiane DESROCHES-NOBLECOURT, Gifts from the Pharaohs, Paris: Flammarion, 2007, 18 x 25.5cm, 290p, numerous colour illustrations, hardbound with jacket, from Amazon for 12€, while the official selling price is 35€ / US $39.95. The copy is brand new. Obviously traditional publishers have to get rid of unsold perfect copies to make space for the new titles in the waiting line.

  • I knoow this is an old thread but I just picked up this thread by accident and wanted to share something relevant.


    I noticed that my latest book appeared in the 'used' section of an online reseller an Amazon less than a week after it publication. I queried the reseller and got this reply:



    Thank you for your interest in Wordery.


    Please accept our apologies for any confusion caused to you. When we advertise a book with the description “Used – like new” the item is, in fact, new and should arrive in mint condition.


    We are following the market and advertising within the "Used" category as well as the "New" category. We always aim to price competitively in every market. We think we can offer customers a better offer than our competitors in the "Used" market.


    I hope you find this information useful.

    Kind Regards,

    Wordery Customer Services



    I hope someone understands because it's still as clear as mud to me. to me 'used' means that someone has bought it, read it and is now reselling it. The condition is immaterial. New is, well, new.

  • Don't worry. This is just an old marketing trick. If you had ordered one of their "old" books, you'd have noticed it's brand new. Gullible customers are so happy to have got what they think is a bargain. Another common trick is the price displayed minus one cent, for instance 14.99€ for 15.00€. Naive people focus on the digits "14", not seeing they'll have to pay 15€ minus one cent. LOL They can do this will all my books. I am not going to complain because the more sales the better.

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