Converting 8.5x11 print book to 6x9

I plan to make my book available in paperback in 8.5x11 size and in hardcover in 6x9 size. I am typing in the 8.5x11 layout.


Are there any "project-management" type suggestions anyone would offer to make this as painless as possible? I understand that images may need to be resized, but any other aspects to look out for as I prepare the 6x9 at the last step by changing page size? Or is it seamless, apart from image resizing?






  • I would probably do the following: make a new copy of existing Word document and strip out all the pictures. Resize to 6 x 9, check that the formatting is as you want it to be and insert pictures and resize them so they fit. Save the 6 x 9 Word document as a 6 x 9 PDF and upload that.

  • Thanks Brambles. Sounds like pictures are the main detail I need to worry about, when resizing. Helps!

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