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Hello, I have a book that I've published through Outskirts press. The pricing of the book is somewhat prohibitive. The book has been published since 2013. Can I republish the book under the same name here? If I do will I need a new ISBN? Will I need to create a new cover for it? I wrote the book so the copyright to the book is mine. Any advise is appreciated.




  • Yes, you can.


    Will you unpublish it at Outskirts Press first?


    If not, then yes, use a new ISBN. And I recommend a new size and cover.

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  • Thank you. I'd never heard of un-publishing a book. Does the publisher have copyright to the cover or is it that the different size and cover are to make the new publising distinctive? The book is being maintained by the publisher at the moment and I pay a maintenance or storage fee. I know I'm a newbie but I hope I'm making some kind of sense.



  • Get rid of him any way you can -- if you're not bound by a contract.


    If he designed the cover, it's his.


    It depends on what kind of agreement you have. Are you free to leave?  Are you free to republish? Does he own all rights to distribution?


    Find out in a subtle way and make sure you see it in print (with y our signature) before you believe it.



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  • Ok, i t doesn't sound clean.


    Why are you paying a storage and maintenance fee? What? Please leave him. You do not need him or storage. You can use Lulu and they store it all for you for free, and distribution. They keep 20%of profits, but it's worth it because they manage all accounting, distribution, printing..


    And recently I tested the printing here vs other PODs, and though it's not as good as traditional publishers it's better than other print on demand companies. Strikingly so.

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  • Thank you for the advise. The company is outskirts press. It is a self publishing company. The only contract was when I decided to publish through them. I've already paid for the publishing package and maintained the book for two years. I know the book itself is my copyrighted material. The cover I can do a re-design. I have the manuscript in Word and a PDF format so submitting to Lulu shouldn't be a problem. I do want to understand more about the marketing and the 20% profit retention you were talking about. I have some reading to do on this site. Once again thank you.



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