Don't You Just Love It

I am finding that the more I write, the more I want to write. In terms of returns on investment this has got to be one of the hardest jobs in the world: you put in so much time and get so little back in sales. However, I enjoy writing the stories I write (and formatting the books, choosing covers, etc. etc.) and knowing that someone, somewhere, liked my writing well enough to buy a copy of a book is also a reward in itself.


So many times I see posts whereby people say that they published their book, announced it on social media yet they haven't seen any sales. If only it were that easy!


  • I have read about some that reported over 800 in sales for the month. I don't get it. Of course they might be a better writer than me and have better covers so that counts. My book we've been chatting about showed 75 last month and 34 this month on Amazon alone but the money didn't come in. I hate the payment period. Never know which books or month we are getting paid for. It's frustrating which is why I keep getting uninspired to write. But yes it is hard, just adding a facebook page won't do it. I've done everything I can think of , youtube, facebook, search engines, calling book stores etc. Hard to do unless you get a paid service or publisher. Been at 3 years and my first kung fu book sold maybe 40 paperback and 50 ebooks. The other is outselling everthing and took about one hour to write. The videos on youtube about making money with kindle shows just writing books about everything you can think of taking maybe an hour for each one. Guy was making over 30,000 a month. Makes me want to give up sometimes Smiley Happy

  • Tell us more...What worked more than the others...
    I am still lost with the whole thing.
    Maybe do a thread on the best things we could do to sell our books. I find when I am on facebook I just become the biggest bore...and so am useless when it comes to twitter, facebook and blogging...As to blogging...I have not got a clue what to say or do...So in terms of the marketing...I have realised that I am absolute rubbish...I enjoy writing. I definitely put a lot of effort into the research and creativity...but the marketing...I am so useless at it...I have taken a few tips from the forums do you fancy breaking down your wisdom for us?
    We want to have your success 'The other is outselling everything and took about one hour to write.' Definitely would love to replicate...tell us more..and how...

    Have a successful week.
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