How Are People Supposed To Find Our Books?

I have a coloring book for sale on Amazon and the words 'coloring book' appear in the title of the book. However, when you search for 'coloring book' under print books on Amazon my book doesn't show up.


How are people suppose to find our books when stuff like this happens? I wish I knew how people do find it to buy it; I just wish that it would be easier to find so that I could sell more.


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    102,071 results for Books : "'coloring book'"



  • Hello Sandra,  Have you had any luck marketing your books?  If you did, Do you have any useful tips for marketing ebooks?

    I use social media to get people to see my products so maybe that will work for you too.  If you follow any of my Ergonomic Mobility Social Media Accounts I will follow you back eventually.  All the best.


    Joe Boyd

  • If you have paperbacks on Amazon create an Author Central page. Once logged in, go to contact support. Send them an email or you can call them. Give them the ISBN of your book and tell them you'd like to add search tag phrases to the book. You can use up to five short phrases. Such as Adult coloring books, Children's coloring book etc. It takes them around one day in my experience to add them and 3 more to take affect. From the Author central page you can also add an about the author page using a photo or even a video to the page with a short bio of you. Adding keywords in your blurb which you can change in your AC page at anytime will aid to get seen. All of this does help and I got my book to show on first page searching for kung fu books. It will change over time so once in awhile change your search tags. I would go to Amazon and type in various things in the search box and there will be a drop down list showing what others are searching for. This can be used as tags if you want. You can also make an account on and upload a video speaking about your book. Add tags such self publising, etc or whatever your book is about. Put a link to your book on lulu and Amazon in the description. Most books store won't order your book for sale because of how things are set up but you can talk to them and maybe buy a few copies and see if they will sell on consignment. Just a few tid bits I've tried. I did find a Christian bookstore that agreed to give me a table to put a few books for sale.

  • Also, get friends, family and readers to write reviews for the book.

    I had a set of reviews done last year...silly me...I edited the book and so the reviews are no longer visible.

    Not sure if there is a way to get rid of that problem...

    I find I am still finding little things in my histriography so now I have not asked anyone to review it until I am totally totally satisfied...


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    The main way is to promote your book. Without promotion the odds of anyone finding a book is beyond slim.

    Make sure to include links to the book in all your promotional material.
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