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I contacted Waterstones in London to see if I could get my books stocked there.  Please see the response.  What can do to help those of us who wish to have our books in retailers like Waterstones who, by the way are key retailers in Britain. Below is a quotation from our recent correspondence.  Any suggestions on how to move forward.


'Thank you for your email.


The books are now registered with Nielsen, however they are published by who do not currently have a UK supply chain. We are unable to source their books as a result.


Kind regards,'


Can organise a 'supply chain' in England so that our self published books can begin to have equal status as traditionally published books?


Best regards.







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    Did you use a lulu ISBN?


    If not, then Lulu is only the distributor and printer.


    If that is the only obstacle, perhaps you could republish with your own ISBN?

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    PS. What an incredible book title you have. And of high interest .


    Are you married to the cover should one have extra time and wanting to explore other options for you?



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  • Oh! I did not realise that could be a problem. I always use ISBN. Thanks for the advice. So while I use their ISBN the distribution will be limited?
  • Hmmm....interesting you should enquire...I will revisit the cover in say six months! Definitely would discuss that one! This cover at present is just my novice work - to get the work out...I want to emboss title and of course want a cover that challenges like the NY Times top ten covers....
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    Enghisauth, don't wait six months. Before you get any more distribution redo your cover or have someone do it for you.


    I just spent my weekend redoing two of my covers. Over and over until they were perfect. One about 20 times, the other I can't even remember. It's the first thing people see.


    You are going to the ball. Make a splashing impression.


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  • Hi Seshat,


    I checked with our distirbution team, and they said there are a lot of variables that can impact whether or not Waterstones can carry a book.


    They suggested that you create a support case and include your ISBN so they can investigate for you.

  • Thank you. I will do that. Thanks ever so much.
  • Inbox me your criticisms I have worked on it a loooooooooooooong while. But, I am just not creative. I did google the top ten book covers and got the New York Times list...That made me realise mine is so bland...I love to receive criticism. Truly appreciate your comments on that topic.
  • You will find covers are so important. Drummed into my head by these people and by looking some of the covers some of the authors here can create it's amazing. Most of my work has been using the wizard but I've learned a few tricks. If you can afford the work of these people in the forum please do so it's worth it.

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    JesusNinja, I was offering to make her one for free. I like her book and I like her.

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  • Sorry guys have been trying to take your advice... (giggle).

    I love your covers.

    I am going to read all the suggestions now...


    Have a great week ...WRITING!!!


    Smiley Happy

  • I appreciate your kind words.

    Thank you for that comment.

    I am reading through comments.

    Sometimes I get lost, so bear with me....

    Tend to end up on another page as I scroll...

    So how would you re-do cover...

    I have been reading blogs on covers..

    maybe we need to start another thread on covers....

    I struggle with fonts and creative ideas when it comes to covers...

    However, based on both your comments...I (I sheepishly admit this), tried another cover idea...

    Now, I am using the lulu wizard and it has allowed for a square in the middle when really I need a circle...replicating a 'womb'...playing on the wombing and ebbing of water....

    You offered to help?  cut and paste it back here...can't find the comment...

    but, both your criticisms...have stimulated progressive change..

    the cover will have to be outsourced...

    I definitely am not good at creative front covers...



  • Your knowledge would be most appreciated.

    (just saw this)

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