Inserting photos into a US Letter Hardcover

I am confused as to whether I can insert photos (especially color photos) into a US Letter Hardcover volume. The template I downloaded does not mention this. I do not particularly want to create a Photo Book, especially because of the sizes offered and the expense. So can I insert photos into the word template of the US Letter Hardcover? I may also need to insert copies of black and white documents that will require scanning. Thanks for any help you can provide on this. I am new to Lulu.


  • You can put photos into any of the book templates. Keep in mind that if you want any part of your book interior to be in color, you will be charged as if the whole thing is in color. You will see that you have three options for paper - B&W on cream, B&W on white, or Full Color on white. you have to pick one option for your entire book.


    Here is a guide for how to put images in a .doc file using Word. If you are using another program, Google "how to put images into a document using <your program name>" and you should find similar instructions.


    Scanning documents will give you image files which you can insert into your final book template using the same steps as above.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    You can insert all the photos you want in the text file you are creating on your computer. A photo is anchored either on a character, a paragraph or a page. With Wordperfect this is very simple. I hope it is as easy with other wordprocessors. 

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Colour photos to be used in black-and-white books should be converted into "shades of grey", brightened and more contrasted. This operation is done with Photoshop or any other similar picture processor before the illustration is inserted in the text.

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