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Hi If I want to buy the US standard book size (the first choice) on the books to buy, how to I know the book size to use for Word? I read that the page set-up must be the same size as the book you buy but I cant see the size anywhere?


Margins must 0.5 header and footer, the gutter must be 0.3? Right? I must use Insert Page break for each new chapter right? 


Thanks for advice. 


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    For the 6x9" format, I make equal 2cm margins. I don't bother with the rest, and the result is perfect. 

  • 0.5" margins and a 0.3" gutter is our recommendation. Because this is self-publishing, the final decision is of course yours, but the measurements listed above are the standard.


    Page Breaks are generally a good idea for ending a page and starting the next piece of text on the following page. Sometimes it requires a little experimentation to get the breaks to work just right, but they will produce the most consistent and uniform page layouts.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    English Dad,


    Use a section break between chapters. This will enable you to not have headers on the very first page and to have them on the other pages.

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