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Ok, I highly recommend signing up for Author Central.


I was able to add additional explanatory text in my description (which may or may not have fit in Lulu's description slot). I was also able to add an excerpt.


This is where you sign up.


And they respond to inquiries like nobody's business.



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  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor

    It is absolutely worth doing!  Smiley Happy


    Here is my page.

    Black Cat Studios
  • That's what I've been telling people Smiley Wink You can also contact support from there and ask them to add search phrases to your book. You can have five. Such as for mine, Kung fu books, Christian martial arts, Martial art books, etc. Just an example. I was able to get my book to show up on the first page on searches. But they will change so it's good to get support to change them time to time. You can also add an about the author page there with a picture and video if you choose. The blurb you can totally change and doesn't have to be like lulu's. They will also link your books together by author name and send emails to people when a new book is out if they signed up for it. Checking for sales "paid" there and check for author ranks and sales ranks by geography to see where your book is selling the best in U.S. only that is. Their support is awesome! They never complain and always do things quickly. Only bad thing is you can't really track ebook sales but paperback sales do show as paid.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    I have had my Author Central's profile almost since my very first publication. Yes, it's great.

  • One thing I'll add here, from our experience on the back end working with authors, is that Author Central's sales figures do not always match the sales figures Amazon reports to us. 


    It is important to be aware of this, and that Amazon and Author Central are completely beyond Lulu's control. So when those figures for sales show up on Author Central, and don't match the payment we make from Amazon's reporting, the only recourse we have is to ask Amazon to check the numbers again. 


    Otherwise, Author Central does seem to be a good resource for author's using Amazon as a sales platform. 

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    I didn't even know you could check your sales there. Thanks Paul. I am usually in an out in a minute.


    Oh, by the way, if your book is over 600 or so pages, Ingram will not add the Look Inside the Book Feature. You can do it yourself through Author Central. You need to sign up for a Seller Account, and enable only the PDF/Cover Look Inside Tool..



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  • Em_Press, thanks for finding this amazing resource.

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