What To Do After You've Published Your First Book

So, you've uploaded your book and you're waiting for it to go into distribution. What should you do now? Why, sit back and wait for the millions to roll in, of course!


No, this is not the answer. You need to get cracking on your next book right away. Here are some important reasons why:


If you write all the time you never allow writer's block to get a hold of you.


The more you publish, the more you build up your back catalogue. If some reads a book which you have written and they like it they might be inclined to read whatever else you have written. They might be disappointed if you only have one book out.


You might attract some fans who will buy several of your books. Readers can choose to receive an alert from Amazon whenever you put out a new book. Each author is an acquired taste. Once a reader has a taste for what you write they can be incredibly loyal.


I would suggest working on several projects at the same time. Not only does that stimulate you as a writer, but if something is just not gelling with one particular project at a particular point in time you can move on to another one, and come back to the first one later.


  • I totally agree. Very good advice. Thank you.
  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    I have always done this since I started publishing in 2011. I have become a compulsive writer.

  • The multiple-project suggestion is an excellent idea. I find that working on a non-fiction and a fiction project at the same time helps me to be ready to write whenever I have time.


    If I feel like organizing my thoughts into explanations, then the non-fiction book makes progress; if I find myself imagining plot ideas, then the fiction moves forward.

  • Congratulations on keeping the creative juices going. You are an inspiration.
  • I also always have several books in the works at the same time, it is a good way to prevent writer's block. I have never had a problem writing,
  • Very, very true. I have also found I am not good at waiting for editors. So I have a stairstep set up so far.


    Book 1 - Going to publishing (In process)

    Book 2 - In final edit

    Book 3 - In developmental edit

    Book 4 - On rough draft


    I tend to prioritize the eldest books requirements first (Editing, doing cover etc.) But I truly enjoy the headlong rush of the initial writing so I work hard at completing the edits quickly and effectively so I can get back to it. I find I got all excited when the first book came out just to learn it is not actually out yet, still have to wait for the proof copy.


    My editor just told me only a third of writing is that headlong blaze of words spewing forth your story in a torrent.  I think it is actually about a quarter. Edit rewrites require a more focused and careful type of writing but the more I do the better my rough drafts seem to be coming out so it all has benefits.


    The moral of the story: Write, and write some more, and then write again. Writers write, it's kinda what we do.


    (Okay some of us dabble in the artwork part a bit)

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