I am in the process of preparing an eBook using MS2007. I am reading the guidelines provided by Lulu (VERY helpful.)

I followed the directions for flush left formatt.

My questions are:

Can I have any copy  centered? Such as a quote or an image?

Can I use a fourth Heading?


Thank you!
Julia Gennert


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Yes, you can do/add anything you like.

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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    For an ebook I would stick to justify, not left flush. I don't like reading

    ragged text on an ereader. Maggie might know how you center text

    in an ebook but I've not had much luck.


    I believe you can only use heading styles  to 1 to 3.  Make the text bold

    instead of trying to use H4


    A note to Maggie - please could you tell us how centering works with epubs.

    Whenever I've tried to center poems they just come out left flush.

  • I centered headings, images and some text in my eBook and it came out fine - assuming you used the rich text editor to select 'CENTER' instead of manually adding spaces I'm not sure why yours would have come out differently.


    I also noticed in the formatting guide they suggested AGAINST using Justified text. Most eReaders I've tested have options that allow the user to decide how the text shows up on screen (Left / Right / Justified, color, size, etc.) So the best choice seems to be leaving most things as default as you can to accomodate these settings.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Hi Daniel,


    I will upload a sample from a book I just did today.


    A bit of an explanation first.


    1. Center the text.

    2. Highlight it.

    3. Right click.

    4. Click on Styles.

    5. Save selection as new quick style.

    6. Name it centered no indent.


    If it is bold, name it centered bold.

    If it is italics, name it centerd italics.

    If it is bold italics, name it centerd bold italics.


    Very important:


    Before you assign a style to one part, highlight one sample (word of paragraph) of that text, Go to Top Right, Select all with similar formatting.


    Wait for Word to find them all, then right click, styles, save selection as new quick style.


    In this way, you will not have to manually assign a style to each word.


    Make sure your Normal text is named Normal. To check, right click on your regular text, select Styles then Apply Styles. Just to see that it is called Normal.


    I do not recommend you do a select text with similar formatting for Normal text. You will wait forever for it to load. And it might get stuck.


    For this you need to scroll down paragraph by paragraph and check that your Normal is Normal. Just click on it and look at what style is highlight. If nothing is, go to Styles, Apply Styles to see what is going on.


    Attached is sample.


    Ask me if something is unclear.


    Note that even asterisks have a style.


    It seems long, but it is not.






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  • I haven't had a problem centering text, I do it for my chapter titles exactly the same way I do for print books. I didn't have a problem centering the character tags and stage direction for a play, either. I don't publish poetry, so I can't speak to that. 


    I don't like ragged text on ebooks either.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    I agree with Daniel. I always always justify. It looks beautiful. Never had a problem.

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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Thanks Josephine!  Before I just thought M Press but now I see it: Em Press! Clever.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

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  • Hi guys,


    Thank you so much for generously providing all this information. I am about to insert the contents of my book into the A5 Template, noticing the same thing. I am a first time self publisher and was wondering (based on the Lulu A5 Template) whether I can change the 'Title' margins to just be 'Centred' rather than a left indent centring. Wasn't sure if this was deliberately created for the print purpose of a book.


    Is it ok if I format my A5 document in the same way I would 'centre' text for a word document?


    Thank you so much for your guidance.

  • Print books are works of art that are printed as created by the artist.

    You may choose fonts, justify and center to your heart's content.


    Make sure you carefully review the print-ready file after it is uploaded. Remember, odd numbered pages are on the the right side of an open book - even on the left.



  • Having just followed the guidelines to left align everything for an ebook I'm interested to hear that others have had success with justifying text, as this is what I'd prefer to do, and have done in the paperback version of my book. I might try that!


    Also - having sorted out my problem with headings, can anyone explain why the convertor inserts blank pages after end notes? My print version has footnotes, which obviously convert to endnotes in the epub, but I don't understand the blank page after them.


    Any suggestions welcome!




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