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A wonderful thing happened. I had lots of orders for my book.


However, if I look at the Revenue Report all I can see is Ingrams as the channel, and US or UK as the source.


It would really help me to know more detail about who was buying my book. Is there any way I can find out?


Many thanks


  • My understanding is any further information would amount to a privacy violation.


    Welcome to the world of people arguing about how terrible the world is because websites like facebook identify them as "GENDER/AGE/LOCATION" for major service purposes. The potential for a company to turn evil and do something ridiculous with seemingly harmless personal information means as little info as possible goes down a lot of pipelines - especially when you aren't a big company.

  • Amazon, Scribd, Itunes, Inook etc are listed as such. Ingrams is usually a purchase from a store, someone selling your book on ebay "yes you'll still get paid" and others buying from the source and not a public source like Amazon etc. So each will be listed on your revenue according to where it sold. They don't give you much more info.

  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    It is not realistic to expect more information. Even a traditional publisher will tell you only that you sold X number of books in country Y.


    There was a time when it would have been simply impossible to know certain things i.e. someone goes into a bookstore and pays cash for your book. All you might (possibly) know about them was which location they lived in.


    Just because someone uses a credit card to make a payment and that credit card contains a lot of information about the customer doesn't mean he wants it passed on to any old Tom, Dick or Harry. As the author of the book you are not involved in the selling transaction and you do not have any right to know anything about the purchaser.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Add your e-mail address in the copyright page of your book with the statement that customers will be sent a FREE updated edition when it is released. Some will surely contact you. Smiley Wink

  • Thanks everyone for thr info. Now that you have pointed it out it all makes sense.

  • Interesting question.
  • I like this idea. Good for future marketing too. Brilliant.
  • I am trying to collect royalties. I got a divorce & lost everything. Looking for help.

    Angel Early

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