Cover designing using the wizard

This draft version of my textbook is intended to be sold only to my students, with the first edition to be launched next year. Three questions:


 - I finished the manuscript and designed a cover using the wizard. The wizard seems to have placeholders only for the title and the author on the front cover. Is there a placeholder to include the name of my publishing company on the cover? How do I get around this?


- I tried to download the print ready cover, but am getting and error saying "Failed - no file". The "Save As" dialog box is opening, but the actual download process is failing. Is there something I am getting wrong? I was thinking of downloading the PDF and including a textbox using a PDF editor to include the pubisher name. I also wanted to email the cover around for feedback.


- While building the project, I indicated that I wanted to sell only to the Lulu marketplace. Yet, when I prepare the cover, Lulu is including a barcode with a number. Is that a Lulu-supplied ISBN? Any ideas? I do not want my book to be tagged to any numbers yet. If I must provide an ISBN, I will buy and provide, but I see no reason why it needs a ISBN.  


Thanks, as always!



  • I figured out the bit about downloading the cover PDF. Today, i easily downloaded it from "My FIles on Lulu" in the project space. A right click on the print-ready version in the wizard  also worked today (it didnt yesterday), so maybe there was a bug with some system. 


    Since I can download the cover, I can now add the publisher name manually.


    I ignored the issue about the number on the bar code. As I am not planning to distribute this version widely, it doesn't really matter.  



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