Want to publish a Children's Book, Need Advice

In highschool , I was assigned to just write an essay , on what ever we wanted. I decided to write about my own version of how the 2010 earthquake happened in Haiti. I wanted to pursue the essay into a children's book, filled with illustrations and what not. So my question is where do I start?


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    Write it quickly so the speed and spontaneity come through. Write from the heart, like a child of your target age group.




    Post a request for an illustrator. Offer to give them 50% of the royalties. Lulu has the ability to split earnings.


    Divide your text before you send  it to the illustrator.


    I recommend two page spreads. In other words, ask the illustrator to make 14 illustrations at 6 inches width x 4.5 inches height. Later you can make them 12.25 x9.25 in Photoshop and cut in two for each side of spread.


    You need to end up with 32 pages.


    So, title page, copyright, 28 pages of art with embedded text, about the author page, about the illustrator.


    Good luck.



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    PS. Your costs will be lower with a 6x9 perfect bound colour book. Hence the above sizing.

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  • what if i already had a story in mind
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    Always write a story you have in mind.

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    yeah maybe so

    Is it just me, or do there seem to be a number of completely random replies of late?

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