Has Lulu changed its print supplier in the UK

I don't know if I've just been unlucky here or whether this is symptomatic of some wider problem with quality. I made a large stock order recently of several of the children's poetry books range because their author was going into a shool to do an event. Because they arrived packed well into two stout boxes, I didn't unpack them all but instead handed the boxes to the author when he called at our offie for them. It turns out he just left them in his car until today when they were needed, and he has sent me a text from the event to say that the binding on some of them is "awful" and there is a "white stripe" running up the side of the jacket of all the copies of one title. This is indicative that the trimming is off, to me, as previously we have had copies of that title printed fine with the solid colour on the jacket bleeding off the edge correctly.


So, what's going on? Was somebody just having a bad hair day or should I be more concerned. This order was for over £300 worth of books and I am wondering now if the author is going to pay his invoice? Please advise



The King's England Press


  • Hello Steve

    This does seem to be a printer error - and of course it occurred at the most inopportune time.


    I recommend you submit a support case and let our print team investigate. Please include some images of the defects as well.


    Here is a link to the support case category: Defective, damaged, or incorrect order

    Click the "I still need help" button to open the support request form. 

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