I ordered a proof copy for myself on 7/7. When should it arrive?

i ordered a personal copy for my own book on late Thursday. It's 558 pages, hardcover with a dust jacket (advanced custom .pdf with custom spine), with several images for the book interior. The problem is I don't know what Lulu.com considers a work day. I chose FedEx Express (the quickest option). I'm assuming that with a hardcover, it might take 5 days to fulfill? Is it possible I could receive it on Friday?


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Hello. It takes twice as long to manufacture a hardback as a paperback. The delivery time is the same.

  • Books print in 3-5 business days.

    If you ordered your book after 2:00 PM on Thursday, the first business day would be Friday.

    We consider Monday - Friday to be business days.


    Hardcovers take longer to complete due to the cover application process and required drying time for the binding.


    So, it is possible that with overnight shipping your book will arrive by Friday, but that is only if everything goes to plan.

  • Alright, everyone. Thanks. My 588 page hard cover, full colored dust jacket book actually shipped today and I should be receiving it tomorrow! I'm a little worried it was shipped a few days early, especially with everything I added to the book. I mean I just double checked the Lulu interior and exterior .PDFs and they were perfect (the book interior is b&w cream colored). Is there any cause for alarm? Thanks.

  • I just received it today, and I just can't believe how beautiful it is. The title letters on the front and title and byline on the spine dust jacket even have a very slight embossed look and feel. I didn't expect that at all. Great work, Lulu and whoever printed the book out.

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