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I found one of my ebooks on Google Book Search. I thought Google Book search only applied to print books and as I always choose not to click on the Enable Google Search button that appears with print books in My Projects I didn't expect to find my ebook on Google.


Has anyone else had this experience?


  • I know this doesn't answer your question, but out of interest, why don't you want your books to appear on Google Book Search?

  • I prefer the previews that are available on Lulu and Kindle; just enough to lure you in without showing too much, the way Google does.


    Mine is a joke book. After reading the section on Google Book Search there is probably no compunction to buy. You've had a few chuckles and you can move on unlike a novel where you might get that engrossed that you simply have to find out how it ends.


    What irritates most about Google is that no one asks them to do what they do. By publishing on Lulu and distributing your book to Kindle you are agreeing to them providing these previews.

  • Hello Sandra


    When you choose the eBook distribution option "Kobo and Everywhere Else" your eBook will be distributed to the Google Play eBookstore.

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