Absolutely furious :(

I worked on a book for the best part of a year all for this weekend... and after a week my order is still being fulfilled so that's a waste of a years work, not to mention the amount of money I'm going to lose! Got in touch with customer service twice, first time - "It appears your order is being fulfilled. This usually takes 3-5 days" Yeah, thanks, that's a lot of help, been 7 days mate. Second time haven't got back to me at all. I literally can't express how bad I feel


  • I undertand how that can be disturbing. Don't forget though about the holiday. They were closed on Monday I believe which would set things back some including the mail. Big orders will take more time. If it's just a proof should not take more than 3 days to print and get mailed out. Bigger orders though take more time to print. What the people in the forum advise if if you have a big order please order it a little sooner than you need in case of misprints, slow mail, slow printing, etc. That way too if their are misprints you can get lulu to reprint them and still get them on time. In the future I"d order them a couple of weeks ahead just in case. Not sure why it's taking so long though. Hope they get it straightened out for you.

  • Hello Moonlight Gems

    You may not have seen my earlier message on your previous post.


    We have upgraded your shipping to overnight. The printer says they are working to get your books packed and out tonight for Saturday delivery.



  • Just this second got an email saying they've been shipped, top man! Thank you so much!

  • The amount of time you have to wait with such a high postage rate cannot be justified, and lowers revinue. You can of course pay aa premium fir a faster delivery, but why should we. And having to pay so much postage for approval copies. surely Lulu make nough profit from book sales.

    Buying at least 10 copies for free pstage seems too much for me.Hope you get sorted soon. I can imagine your fustration.

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