Wow was novelrank wrong

According to Novelrank I sold 76 copies of one book on Amazon U.S. this month. It's usually wrong by two or three but that's it. So according to my report I sold 5 copies on Amazon world wide? Very disappointing and it was Amazon's number one book in it's category, I don't get it. How can it be off by 70? Sucky sales again.


  • Wow. That's ridiculous - where do they get their numbers?

  • Something about the algarithim? Can't spell it right. Sudden changes in sales rank on Amazon trigger a sale on Novelrank. I've found it to rather accurate within 4 or so as I said in my other post. But missing it by 70 makes me a little wary and it was number one in it's category among thousands of books. So to get there with only 5 sales? Doesn't make since. Possible the sales are on a different cycle as most of them came at the end of the month, last week or so. So I'm hoping I'm right.  We'll see. Very disappointed as that would have a record in sales for me Smiley Happy


    Edit: I just checked Novelrank and it showed a sale for one of my other books for today. I went to my Author Central page to check and sure enough there a "paid" sale for the kindle. So Novelrank is being fairly accurate. So I'm concerned with having it report 75 and only getting 5. Too much of a difference. But it might come through after all don't know. This picture shows a report of Novelrank. If you use Mozilla Firefox there is an addon for it that shows up on Amazon on each book page.



  • When the next reports come around you should follow up on this and let us know if it was just a timing thing or if it was grossly inaccurate. I'm curious.

  • The worst senario I've had is one month it said I had 10 sales of one book and I recieved 5. So I'm maybe at least 40 or 50 sales if it's running that accurate? You can go to and run your books there. I use the addon for firefox. I just contacted Amazon just to see what they say as far as how cycles go. I might end in the middle of the month. I don't know. But I'll let you know. Also how did you make your site? I have been trying forever to get one but I'm not good at making sites.

  • My website is based on Wordpress. It's actually a very flexible framework - but I got some paid plugins and a paid theme to pull it together. I can't really vouch for how simple it is because I'm an experienced web developer - but I've never heard anyone complain it's difficult to do. You just need to have a bit of patience.

  • I very quickly gave up on Novelrank. I don't know, maybe I'm using it wrong, but according to novelrank I haven't sold a book in over a year (I think that might just be the date I started tracking, so in other words, novelrank has never detected a sale for my book). Can't you just go straight to kdp to check your sales there? 

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    This is what I know:


    A single sale, for the very first time, can give a book a ranking of about

    280 000 on Kindle US. After that the rank starts to slide if no more books

    are sold. Sometimes a book's rank can go up, or down, even if no further

    sales are made. This is because the rank is the book's position relative to

    other books which have sold. Sometimes a sale of even one further book,

    after a few weeks, can cause the rank to jump a lot.


    What Kindle pays me at the end of June is for sales made during May.

    I should imagine that the money and reports that Kindle send to Lulu

    at the end of June are also for the month of May otherwise that would

    mean that Kindle is paying its distribution partners a whole month

    before they pay their own authors.


    Given that your book had a rank of about 19 000 at one time and is

    still hovering around the 100 000 mark I would expect that you will

    see a lot more sales in the report you get in early August (for July).

  • Danielblue, Not sure what's going on. I have used Novelrank for a long time. And I know it's not 100 percent accurate but it's is close most of the time. Usually I sell 5 or so copies of that book on Amazon U.S. and Novelrank gets it pretty close. I do know for sure that if a book hasn't sold a single copy there will be no sales rank at all on Amazon. I've tested it. Someone bought a copy of my book in U.K. Amazon to see what happened. Sure enough after they bought the book I had sales rank. As Novelrank gives me reports within 4 or 5 sales, I 'd think that if it said 75 there would be at 60 to 65 sales reported here. Not only 5 as I got yesterday. Unless there is a cut off date in the middle of the month instead of the last day I don't see how my report could be right. Novelrank just reported 10 more sales of that book so far. I've never had this type of activity so something is happening. Have to wait till next month I guess. Or more the ebook to KDP where I can keep track of it. I'd rather not though as it's easier to just do it here.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Perhaps Glen can confirm which period Kindle is paying for. If it is May then you will

    not see a match between Novel Rank and Kindle because the June sales (which Novel

    Rank have already reported) will only come through to Lulu in early August.


    Because you have been selling roughly five books a month you would not have noticed

    this problem before; even though Novel Rank is reporting March and Kindle is

    reporting February as long as you had five sales a month it would not have looked odd.


    If Kindle is reporting May salesin early July  then there is no point looking at Novel Rank;

    you would be comparing apples and pears.


    When an author first distributes their books to Kindle via Lulu they do not get a sales

    report in their first month. I should imagine this is because Kindle pays out one

    month after the month in which the sale happened.

  • My main concern is just the huge difference in the report. Each month I check Novelrank and it's right within roughly 4 or so and matches close to my lulu report. So if it says 75 suddenly for the month I'd assume I'd have at least 50 or above sales. Not the 2 for Amazon us. There was one or two from other countries. I know it's not the most accurate program but it's close so far so it makes me a little worried. I've also read some reports on Amazon not reporting all sales. Maybe not true but was on some forums.
  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Your big jump in sales happened in June. If my theory about

    reporting periods is correct then Novel Rank has already

    shown you the sales figure for June but Kindle has not i.e. you

    will see the Kindle sales figure in early August and there has

    to be a discrepancy between Novel Rank and Kindle. One is live

    and the other is not. The only reason Novel Rank has seemed

    accurate in the past was because you were selling the same

    amount of books each and every month.

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