Getting my project listed for sale on Lulu

See for  my current published project entitled 'Mysteries of the Mind'. To get my project listed for sale on Lulu, I've been directed to "Set the status to General Access" but I cannot find how to do this. Please elighten me


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Go to "My Projects", enter the file of your book, and roll down until you see the three distribution options.

  • Hi Midgebite,

    Go to Your project Page > click View or Buy >

    Your books page will open > Look to the left side at top>

    Click > Edit Your Project

    Your Revision page will open>

    Scroll down to

    Who can view this on Lulu: Private Access | Direct Access | General Access
    (General Access: Content is accessible through search and browse. )

    CLICK General Access


    That's it so hope this helps,

    June E

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