Hi, all,  have any of you turned your print book in to an Ebook? If so, why? Would you advise a newbie like myself to do the same? What are the pros and cons?


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  • I just put out my first book in both formats, here's my list based on a lot of googling:



    • eBooks are cheaper, thus easier to sell.
    • Seriously, people (myself included) horde <$5 ebooks
    • You make a lot off of eBooks compared to print books (% of purchase price to royalties). My print book is $20, my eBook is $2.99. From retailers (other than lulu) I make $0.48/print and $1.15-$1.88/eBook. Yes - I could raise the price of the print book to make up for this, but the production cost of POD is pretty high already, and it's hard to sell for over $20 for a paperback novel.
    • eBook stores will stock an infinite amount of anything that fits their guidelines, and Lulu submits your book to most eBookstores, so you don't have to try to worm your way onto a bookshelf and deal with bookstore buy-back deals.
    • eBooks cannot have print defects
    • eBooks cannot have shipping defects
    • eBooks are accessible to people with disabilities via their e-readers (no need for Large Text or Braille versions)
    • If you want to distribute copies of your own eBook once it's been converted by Lulu, you don't have to pay to order copies or carry an inventory. It's file. Copy+Paste, Attach to Email
      • eBook giveaway events can cost you literally $0


    • It can be tricky if you're unfamiliar with word or other rich text editors
    • It makes your book easier to pirate
    • You need another ISBN
  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    There simply is no contest. Ebooks sell much better than print books - no delivery charge and no waiting - and you get a better cut. A lot of ebooks sell at $0.99 which is impulse buy territory and you make $0.35 on that.


    I've sold 1 print book as opposed to about 800 ebooks. I've even sold ebooks at $ 29.99 and you get a whole lot more revenue on that than you would on a print book at that price.


    Ebooks really are very easy to format if your book is a straightforward novel. Put the title of the book on the very first line of your document, give it, and the copyright notice, a Heading 1 style and you're good to go.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    I agree with Scyoni and DanielBlue. But, and this is a huge but.


    To reiterate Scyoni's con.


    It makes your book easier to pirate.


    Much much easier.


    I do not sell ebooks and I have sold more than the previously mentioned amount.


    So, your choice.

     A citizen of the world.

  • As someone who used download ebooks I know this is true. I stopped doing after I published my books and started finding them being pirated. I hate ebooks myself but sell so many more of them than paperback. I'd rather sell paperbacks and get more money. $3.40 per paperback compared to .94 for my ebook.. I thought of even taking them down and making all paperbacks by adding more content but that would remove a few outlets like scribd and Kobos and Itunes etc. I written two sites to take down my book, one was on youtube and they removed the video. But I've watched videos on youtube showing people who were making $5000 a month writing short 30 page kindles. So a lot to consider. But ebooks are all profit as no proof is required to buy. According to novelrank one of my kindles sold 75 copies this month but if that were a paperback I'd be in total bliss. So paperback is better but to make money maybe a shotgun approach is better who knows?

  • All of my print books are on ebooks also in another account that is. Seems most are selling as ebooks. I had no problem converting the files either so far.

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