Cannot down load epub file of Don't shoot! it's me text will not download only blank page

I cannot down load the text for for revciew of  my book,Don't Shoot! It's me. What am i doing wrong/ The image comes through OK


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    Dear dear, no shooting. Slow down and tell us again what's wrong. Show a sample.

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  • i am trying to use the lulu converter to publish ebook entitled ' Don't Shoot! It's me'  The converter accepts my file for conversion andthe Table of Contents is correct. When i attempt to open for review on Lulu email reply, all i get is a blank page.. i've tried a number of versions, and edits, but still no good?? My next attempt will delete the current effort and start all over. Any advisew would be appreciated. thanks

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    Before you delete and start over, download the epub from lulu and preview it using Adobe Digital Editions (free software).


    Go to My Projects, click on your project title, scroll down and download your epub.


    Download link for ADE:


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  • I found you EPUB file and downloaded it to test. It opened for me on Digital Editions and iBooks. From the sounds of your problem, I think your computer is defaulting a different program to open the EPUB.


    Get Digital Editions on your computer, then right click the EPUB file and do an "Open With..." and use Digital Editions. That should work.

  • Thanks, i downloaded a trial reader  program and  reviewed my book. it was fine and i published it.  Still working with Adobe for down load of digital editions . Things are working fine . You were a great help. many thanks ----- Tom Leftwich

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